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ScareCrow Features

Here is a list of features in the ScareCrow message board system. Go ahead; see how we stack up to the competition.

Features in green are not yet implemented.

General Features
  • User profiles that include: AIM, MSN, Yahoo! and ICQ identifications, locations, interests, homepage.
  • The option to hide email addresses from view in a profile.
  • On-server last visited times to synchronize visits between computers.
  • New, hot and sticky topic identification by icon.
  • New post notification on each new post.
  • Ability to subscribe to a topic at post or with a few simple mouse clicks.
  • Ability to edit one's own posts to correct typos and other errors.
  • Extensive and asthetically-appealing ScareCrow codes to change the font face, color, and size, as well as create links, display images, display quotes, lists and code blocks, and use text modifications such as bolding, italics, and underlines.
  • Users may set their time offset from the server to have all times updated to reflect their own time zone!
  • Users may edit their profiles at any time.
  • Private forums with per-user control lists
  • The ability to vote for EVERY POST on the message board and choose to see those posts with an average score at or above a per-user set "tolerance level".
  • A private messaging system within the message board to allow contact with others while maintaining email privacy.
  • Optional notification of replies to a specified thread.
  • Full-featured search abilities.
  • A lost password retrieval option.
  • Varying admin-set post levels to denote members who have made a large contribution.
  • Automatic post-quoating feature.
  • Translation of text smilies into graphical emoticons.
  • Per-user post voting trends, a list of all votes cast, average and median votes.
  • User signatures appended to posts
  • Ability to turn off signatures and emoticons on a per-post basis.
  • Record books that include the total number of users, the most active users at any given time, and the last user to register.
  • Avatars that allow a user to have a 64x64 pixel graphic display under their name.
  • Full use of the message board without cookies.
  • Encrypted passwords for greater security.
  • Member groups to bundle users with like permissions together.
  • Printable versions of topics
  • The ability to email a topic to a friend.
  • Guest posting
  • Quick links to display all new posts on the message board
  • Ability to mark ALL posts on the board as read to "start over" after a long absence.
  • Ability for users to create their own polls and attach them to threads.
  • File attachments (only by users granted that permission)
Administrative Features
  • Ability to delete a single post or entire thread
  • Ability to edit posts that were not created by you, and optionally leave off the editted tag to edit messages in stealth.
  • Ability to view the IP of a user at registration and on a per-post basis.
  • Complex board auto-pruning features that will only allow either the last X posts to remain or only allow posts newer than X (seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months or years) to remain. These are set on a per-forum basis.
  • Per-forum configuration options.
  • Per-forum or board-wide moderators with differing levels of authority.
  • An online user editor.
  • Online configuration and forum editor.
  • Ability to set "sticky" posts, which remain at the top of a forum regardless of its last modified time.
  • The ability to move a topic from one forum to another and either leave a locked copy of the original (with an optional message) in the old forum, or remove the original post completely.
  • Ability to lock any topic to prevent new posts from being added. Sticky posts may also be locked and retain both the sticky and locked statuses, allowing for posts to be kept at the top of a forum list, but not replied to.
  • Per-forum announcements.
  • Ability to set email or IP-based bans.
  • Unlimited number of categories and forums.
  • Re-order, edit or delete existing categories and forums at any time.
  • Turn off forums to create "archive" forums.
  • Turn off all new replies to the message board to perform updates or backups that may otherwise interfere (or be interrupted by) posts.
  • The ability to create groups with certain permissions and override those group permissions with per-user permissions.
  • The ability to specify certain words to be automatically censored from the message board on a per-forum basis (to allow for "adult" or "teen" forums with less-stringent automatic censoring than other forums).
  • Ability to prune forums by deleting threads older than X days.
  • Can set forums to only keep posts newer than XX days, or only keep the last X posts, on a per-forum basis. The check for invalid posts (for either reason) is made whenever a new post is made.
  • Ability to set Echelon-style keywords that will alert the moderators when they are triggered. These are useful to use in conjunction with a censor filter, so that a word can be removed from the posts, but the administrators can also be notified that it was used.
  • The administrators can set that all threads with no new replies within X days are automatically locked to anybody without the permission to override those locks.
  • Ability to lock, unlock and delete polls without affecting the accompanying thread.
  • >Ability to require validation of accounts before they become useable, and/or posts before they are physically posted to the message board. Both queues have a separate permission for modification so that non-administrators may be appointed to work the validation queues.

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