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We've boasted about how we stack up to the competition, now let us prove it. We're not going to fluff things up. We won't be gentle to ourselves or the competition. What we will be is fair and impartial. We know that deciding what message board to use is an important decision. Often, converting between boards is difficult or impossible if you are not an experience programmer (trust me, I know!). So here are the facts. Make the decision that is best for you.

» Message Board Software Comparison Chart
Feature ScareCrow v2 Ikonboard v2 Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.0
Cost FREE! FREE! $199
User-settable profile 15 options 7 options 7 options
Last visited data stored... On server Cookies ???
Sticky Posts? Yes No No
Private Forums Per-user and by group Per-user ???
User/Post Voting Each post (and composite for user through post votes) None Per-user
User Voting Trends Yes No No
Signatures Addition Per-post option Per-post option Always inserted
Encrypted Passwords for Security One-way Encyption None None
Member Groups Yes No No
Guest Posting Yes No No
User Polls Yes No No
Autopruning Options Time and post-count based None None
Per-Forum Announcements Yes (optional by forum) No No
Turn Off Forums Yes No No
Turn Off All Board Posts Yes No ???
User Permissions Yes No No
Group Permissions Yes No No
Automatic Censors Per-forum Board wide Board wide
Automatic Thread Inactivity Locks Yes (optional) No No
File Attachments Yes (by permission) No No
Validation Options Users and/or Posts (by permission) None ???

Notes about this chart:

I am very much aware that these charts do not reflect the newest versions of Ikonboard and Ultimate Bulletin Board. However, I compiled the charts from personal experience with versions of the software that I had used extensively. If you wish to compile a chart for the newer versions of either board, or you wish to compile a chart for a different piece of board software, simply mail me with the charts. Likewise, if you see anything that should be corrected, or can fill in a blank for any piece of software, let us know.

Note also that all statistics are based on the initial release of each piece of software. There are some very good hacks/mods websites for Ikonboard in particular if you are so inclined that way, but those changes will not be included in this chart unless they are officially adopted by the developer as a part of their releases.

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