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ScareCrow Downloads

Contained below is a list of the ScareCrow releases and links to download each of them. The second table is a list of ScareCrow utilities and their author. Please note that utilities not created by the ScareCrow staff are not supported by them.

» ScareCrow Download List
Version Download Status
ScareCrow Version 2.13 current release STABLE RELEASE
ScareCrow Version 2.12 outdated release STABLE RELEASE
ScareCrow Version 2.11 outdated upgrade STABLE SOURCE UPGRADE
ScareCrow Version 2.10 outdated release STABLE RELEASE
ScareCrow Version 2.01 BETA outdated release STABLE BETA
ScareCrow Version 2.00 BETA official (antiquated) release STABLE BETA

» ScareCrow General Download List
Provides Notes Download
107 avatars (no longer included in distributions) notes download here

» ScareCrow Utilities Download List
Utility Author Info Download
News Fetcher jbravata notes download here
Permission Updater jbravata notes download here

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