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Permission Updater

Whenever you upgrade your version of ScareCrow, you must be conscious that new permissions might have been implemented that you will need to set properly. While you must set all of your group permissions manually through the Administrator Control Panel, making manual updates to a large user base can be too cumbersome to do.

This utility will update all user accounts to ensure that they have the proper length permission and deny strings. It does so by marking every permission as "Not Set," thereby not truly effecting their permissions. Any changes you wish to make from that point will need to be done manually.

TO USE: Simply download the script from the downloads page and upload it into your main ScareCrow CGI directory (ie, where your global.cgi file is). Ensure that the permissions on the file are set to 755. Point your web browser at the script and wait until execution is complete. You may wish to remove the script (or change the permissions to something such as 644) after it is used to prevent people from hitting the script. While doing so should not harm your files directly (since all it does is ensure a proper-length string and pad it if necessary), the constant file handling may be a server burden.

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